The year is 2252. The Earth is in chaos, its environment and creatures threatened with destruction. Humans share consciousness with animals, androids, and dozens of alien species. Uneasy alliance and dangerous confrontation are part of everyone’s life.

This is the work of sinister One Eyed aliens who came to Earth to create killer armies for their galactic conquests. After 20 years, they are still struggling to dominate with their brutal Lizard Militia. Frustrated in his efforts, a dapper One Eye forms a partnership with a genius dwarf, a perverted scientist who seeks to rule the world through his own robot creations. The greatest challenge to their plans will come from a place they least expect.

On a clear Los Angeles night, a lizard warrior loses a game of billiards to a pool hustling pig in a Westside joint called, “The Pig’s Eye”. The lizard is a sore loser and quickly lets everyone in the place know just how sore. This ruins the evening for a lonely young man nursing a cup of java at the bar. He is ROLLIN BLUESTONE, bounty hunter for the Renegade Intelligence Division, a police force of heroic figures who fight to maintain order in a troubled world. When the lizard escapes, Rollin gives chase. Rollin doesn’t give up easily.

” My name was given to me by the Blackfoot Indian tribe who found me abandoned as a baby and raised me. They gave me the blue stone. It means the Spirits of the Earth protect me.”